Investing in Women’s Health: Pro Mujer Launches Phase II of its Health Pilot in Nicaragua

2 agosto, 2012

Blog, Voices from the Field

By Alejandra Narvaez, Communications Specialist, Pro Mujer in Nicaragua

In an effort to expand the depth and breadth of its health services, Pro Mujer in Nicaragua launched the 2nd phase of its Health Pilot, which will provide primary care and other specialized services to clients on a voluntary basis, while maintaining a focus on prevention. In response to client demand, the program also extends clients’ health benefits to their family members.

This new model, initially launched in León, includes dental care, optometry, pap smears and pediatric care, all of which are provided to clients at discounted rates through strategic partnerships with third-party organizations.

“We are bringing an improved package of services to our clients for an affordable price of just US$27.50 – this includes permanent discounts throughout the year with allied providers and unlimited medical consultations,” emphasized Gloria Ruiz, General Manager of Pro Mujer in Nicaragua.

The direct sale of the health package is managed by Pro Mujer’s credit officers, who were the first to use the service to in order to familiarize themselves with its multiple benefits.

Deysi Siles was among the first to try out the health package. “I was nervous about going to the dentist, but I loved the quality of the doctor and the good service, I felt like I was in a fancy clinic, but no, this is a Pro Mujer clinic. Now I am ready to sell this health package,” she said with emotion, after her teeth cleaning.

The service with the greatest demand is dental care, so the Pro Mujer clinic in León is equipped with the latest in dental technology. The entire health package offered by Pro Mujer is valued at approximately US$75, but clients only pay US$27.50 for 12 months. That savings is then passed on to the client’s household.

In addition to achieving greater coverage, impact, and long-term financial sustainability, Pro Mujer aims to emphasize at the national level the importance of investing in one’s health. Doing so will assure a bright future for women and their families.