What is Gender Lens Investing and how does it impact women-led businesses?

14 abril, 2020


The growing practice of gender lens investing has been proving that investment can be a powerful tool for promoting gender equality. Gender lens investing is simply the process of incorporating a gender analysis when making investments to ensure that capital not only generates financial returns but helps drive positive outcomes for women.

Using capital as a catalyst to make social and environmental changes has gained traction among different markets especially through impact investment and the increasing adoption of investment standards that seek greater sustainability. The growing interest stems from the growing recognition that investing in women makes economic sense. Women represent more than 50% of the population. They are the engine of the global economy not only through paid or unpaid work, but also through consumption with an estimated 64% of decision-making for purchases made by women around the world.

However, there are still challenges that make it difficult for women to thrive. There are still gaps when it comes to leadership roles and access to opportunities and capital that create an unequal playing field for female entrepreneurs. Gender lens investing addresses some of these pressing gaps by inviting investors to actively support women-led businesses and businesses that have a direct and positive impact on women and girls.

This is precisely what Viwala seeks to do. The partnership between Pro Mujer and New Ventures with the support of USAID PACE, is a platform for investing in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) led by women or that principally serve women and girls. How can Viwala and its gender lens investing methodology impact female entrepreneurs and their businesses? See for yourself in the video below featuring entrepreneur Ximena Mora, Co-Founder of Rayito de Luna, a growing organic bath products company.