Driving Financial Inclusion in Latin America: Pro Mujer Earns Smart Campaign Certification in Nicaragua and Argentina

29 enero, 2021

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The Microfinanzas Rating, a certification program, has awarded the Client Protection Certification to Pro Mujer in Nicaragua and Argentina.   

The Smart Campaign is a global initiative to ensure microfinance institutions deliver financial services and products safely and responsibly to low-income communities. Institutions that receive this certification meet adequate standards of client care and adhere to specific client protection principles 

 “Pro Mujer is proud to receive this global certification since 2016 in Nicaragua and 2018 in Argentina.  For more than thirty years, we have been driving financial inclusion in Latin America so more women can gain economic independence and break the cycle of poverty. This certification is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to the protection of our beneficiaries and to the delivery of top-quality care and service,” commented Carmen Correa, Pro Mujer’s Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. 


Transparency and Prevention of over-indebtedness: Our communal banking methodology allows women with little to no credit history to form small groups in order to be eligible to borrow money. If one member is not able to repay her loan, the group can help her repay it. Additionally, PrMujer’s financial advisors meet oneonone with each applicant to review the terms of their contract including payment methods, deadlines, insurances, and interests. To ensure transparent and inclusive communications for all of our financial services clientswalso have available staff members who speak indigenous languages.  

Appropriate product design and delivery: Pro Mujer is more than a microfinance institution. We are a platform that provides relevant and transformative products and services for women across their life cycle. These include access to a suite of integrated financial, health and education servicesFrom design to delivery, all are tailored to address their needs. 

To directly benefit our financial services clients, Pro Mujer developed a Digital Wallet in Nicaragua, and a credit onboarding app in Argentina, allowing women easier access to manage their loans, while lowering operation and financial costs for Pro Mujer. 

Responsible pricing: Our financial services pricing adheres to the industry’s standards. In comparison with other microfinance institutions, Pro Mujer aims to deliver greater value to our beneficiaries for being members of our community. This includes low-cost or free access to health and education services for themselves and their familiesInterest rates are set based on operating and financial average cost in addition to mandatory insurances. 

In 2016, Pro Mujer in Nicaragua became the first microfinance institution in the country to be awarded the Smart Campaign Certification. And in 2018, Pro Mujer in Argentina became the first microfinance institution in the Argentine Network of Microcredit Organization become certified 

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