Chronic Diseases in Latin American Are Entirely Preventable Through Behavior Change

9 diciembre, 2013

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The Huffington Post Impact section published and Op-Ed written by our President and CEO Rosario Perez about Pro Mujer’s new and unique health program promoting healthy behavoir among our clients in Latin America. The article is part of a series of Op-Eds produced by the Clinton Global Initiative for its CGI Latin America 2013 summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

New Medical Concerns Threaten Latin America’s Emerging Middle Class

Rosario PérezRosario Perez  President and CEO, Pro Mujer

“Just as our bodies adapt to the evolving world around us, the health problems in Latin America and the Caribbean regions (LAC) have evolved with changes in the economic realities. Only 20 years ago, the health conditions associated with developing countries plagued LAC as well: bacterial diarrhea was the number one cause of death in 1990, and stunting from malnutrition afflicted approximately 24 percent of children.”

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