A New Way To Combat Global Poverty At The Supermarket

20 febrero, 2013


One of the most important supermarket chains in the United States teamed up with one of the biggest organic food companies in the country to introduce a product into the market that will benefit thousands of hardworking women in Latin America.

Two new exclusive organic mueslis – packed with grains and dried fruit and available in two flavors, Raspberry Hazelnut and Wild Blueberry Almond – produced by Nature’s Path are available for sell at the Whole Foods Markets. For every box sold, Nature’s Path will donate 2 percent of the retail price (up to $20,000) to the nonprofit Whole Planet Foundation to fight poverty. The foundation provides grants to microloans projects like the ones run by Pro Mujer, which have received the foundation’s support for years. Since it was established, the Whole Planet Foundation has provided more than $22 million in the U.S. and other 53 countries to microloan programs.

Among the beneficiaries that shoppers can find on the back of each cereal box is Luisa Daniel Pérez, a Pro Mujer client in Mexico who invests her microloans to produce artisan goods using fiber from the maguey plant. Paying forward, today Luisa also employs near a dozen members of her community.

Luisa Perez a client of Pro Mujer Mexico

Luisa Daniel Pérez invests her microloans to produce artisan goods.

Thanks to the grants received by Pro Mujer through the Whole Planet Foundation, hardworking women like Luisa can access the financial means to build livelihoods for themselves and futures for their families through small loans, saving and insurance programs, business and empowerment training, and high-quality and low-cost primary healthcare provided by Pro Mujer. Currently, Pro Mujer serves more than 260,000 women and their children and extended family members in five Latin American countries.

To emphasize the impact of this joint initiative between the Whole Planet Foundation and Nature’s Path, the food company spotlighted the stories of some of the clients served by microloan provided by different organizations, among them Pro Mujer, in its 2013 calendar.

Microloan clients in Nature's Path's calendar.

Nature’s Path spotlighted the stories of some of the clients served by microloans in its calendar.

The two new cereals from Nature’s Path are available nationwide at the Whole Foods Markets for $3,99 a box while supply last. For more information about the Whole Planet Foundation and the microloan projects it supports and its beneficiaries visit www.wholeplanetfoundation.org.