Pro Mujer and Alterna launch a call for companies working in the Care Economy

17 March, 2022

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Pro Mujer joined Alterna Impact to promote the Call for Care Economy Companies aimed at companies, businesses, ventures and individuals located in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Costa Rica who wish to receive a prize of up to USD 5,000 to strengthen their business.

The call is also supported by partners such as UN Women, Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and the Open Society Foundations, and it is part of the strategic actions of the “Scalable market-based approaches to reduce, redistribute and recognize women’s care work” initiative.

This initiative seeks to promote businesses that offer products or services focused on giving visibility, reducing, redistributing and dignifying unpaid care work, in order to promote a transformative Care Economy in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Those who participate will be able to access advice and mentoring provided by experts in the field. Additionally, they will get a clear action plan to increase their sales and define a model of social and gender impact in their companies. 

Participants will also have the opportunity to access non-reimbursable capital of up to USD 5,000 to strengthen their business and network with strategic allies in the region.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, women spend three times as long as men on care and domestic work. At Pro Mujer, we will continue to promote initiatives that contribute to moving towards a more balanced Care Economy to close gender gap in Latin America.

To learn more about this initiative, go to https://businessesofcare.org/