Pro Mujer Strengthens its Health Strategy in Argentina

23 February, 2023


Thirty percent of the population in Latin America does not have access to free public health care, and in Argentina, 15,700,000 people lack health coverage (PAHO). Clearly, the structural inequality pervasive in the region is also reflected in the health system, and it is imperative to break down gender barriers and inequities to increase access to health care. 

Pro Mujer is working to make change by implementing projects and initiatives that support prosperous societies. In 2022, the results of these initiatives in Argentina were excellent. Today, an extensive network of professionals is in place that offers affordable and quality medical exams and services focused on prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring for women and their families. 

According to the ILO, 107 million people in Latin America don’t have access to health services because of their geographic location. Thanks to telemedicine and chatbots, Pro Mujer has provided health information and preventive care to women who cannot physically travel to our clinics. 

Pro Mujer’s chatbots have become an indispensable tool to raise awareness of different conditions. More than 1,555 people used the breast cancer chatbot, which helps identify risk factors and highlights the importance of annual exams to identify and diagnose cancer in the early stages of the disease. We also implemented campaigns at Pro Mujer clinics and care facilities in remote rural areas to encourage women to get an annual gynecological exam. We also implemented in-person activities, including the Forum on Breast Cancer Prevention, which was attended by more than 100 people interested in breast cancer prevention. 

The diabetes chatbot allows users to identify risk factors and promotes prevention by encouraging annual check-ups, counseling, and consultations with family medicine professionals and nutritionists. More than 1,100 people used this chatbot program.

Over the year, we offered 1,644 telemedicine appointments with family medicine doctors, gynecologists, and nutritionists. A total of 8,679 sessions were held with nurses, nurse practitioners, and obstetricians.

Technology also allowed us to host virtual workshops focused on women’s health. These workshops aimed to generate healthy habits and encourage and boost the use of health services. A total of 664 people participated in the 8 workshop sessions. 

Pro Mujer uses a holistic approach that integrates health, access to financing, training, and education as part of efforts to reach more women. Last year, we offered access to health care services to personal loan clients in the provinces of Salta, Jujuy, and Buenos Aires. A total of 1,792 took advantage of this offer and enrolled in the health program in November and December. In July 2022, we partnered with Seguros Hamburgo to offer health care packages to an additional 14,637 people who did not have an existing Pro Mujer loan. 

Over the course of 2022, we also implemented a vaccination point in our clinics in Salta, offering access to free COVID-19 vaccines for both Pro Mujer clients and the general public. From February to December 2022, we administered 2,275 vaccinations.

Overall, there was a 55% increase in health services usage in 2022. Over the course of the year, we offered the following:

  • 1,818 Pap smears
  • 1,720 breast exams
  • 5,435 blood glucose tests
  • 12,004 blood pressure screenings
  • 11,206 BMI screenings
  • 74 mammograms
  • 9,381 external medical referrals
  •  38,654 counseling sessions
  • 1,644 telemedicine sessions

“Health should be considered a human right, and it is imperative to develop measures that promote full access, without limitations or exclusions, to prevention, detection, and treatment services,” said Noelia del Valle Rodriguez, Pro Mujer Health Manager in Argentina. “At Pro Mujer, we’re committed to fighting against inequality to create a more just Latin America.”