Pro Mujer joins Mercado Pago to promote Latin American women entrepreneurs.

4 April, 2022

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To continue to strengthen the digital and financial inclusion of women in Latin America, Pro Mujer and Mercado Pago will join forces to impact 2,500 entrepreneurs from Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Uruguay with digital training on entrepreneurship and financial education.

Emprende Pro Mujer is a digital platform where women can access engaging content on financial planning, agile methodologies, sales, and financing channels. By signing up for this program, they will also become part of a regional network where they will be able to build relationships, contact mentors, and access live virtual classes.

This partnership was announced in a context in which women continue to occupy positions in the financial ecosystem of the region, despite continuing to face several challenges in accessing financial management services and skills to enhance their projects.

According to recent research by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, out of the 10 countries with the most women-led startups globally, 6 are Latin American. Also, and the proportion of unicorn companies led by women has doubled in the last 5 years. Moreover, the Inter-American Development Bank estimates that the economic empowerment of women would reduce poverty in the region by 30%.

This project combines innovation with a calling to transform the lives of Latin American women, a purpose that drives the work of Pro Mujer.

Carmen Correa, CEO of Pro Mujer stated that “for over 30 years, we have worked to advance towards gender equality in Latin America. In this sense, providing women with tools to achieve their economic autonomy is essential. Although granting access to financial services to micro-entrepreneurs is a large part of that challenge, supporting them with training doubles our impact and generates systemic and sustainable change.”

The call will be open until April 22 and women can register at the following link: https://landing.emprendepromujer.org/emprende-y-mercado-pago/