Pro Mujer and Swisscontact Partner to Build a Sustainable Future in Bolivia

10 July, 2023

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Pro Mujer is committed to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development established by the United Nations to promote human development worldwide. Through its tireless work for more than 33 years, we’ve worked to not only advance gender equality in Latin America but also promote environmental protection and the adoption of sustainable practices that positively impact the planet.

As part of these efforts, Pro Mujer recently joined forces with Swisscontact, an organization dedicated to promoting economic development, social inclusion, and environmental protection, to implement initiatives that support a sustainable and sustainable future in Bolivia. 

Through green credits, Pro Mujer will contribute to the Swisscontact project “Recycling Markets,” which seeks to support recycling and waste treatment and improve recycling management, thus creating economic, social, and environmental benefits. Using a circular economy approach, the initiative seeks to strengthen green business ecosystems in La Paz, El Alto, Cochabamba, and Santa Cruz.

This partnership will impact women involved in recycling solid waste, wastewater, and/or alternative energy by offering them access to financial inclusion through community banking and/or personal loans and the opportunity to develop their skills. 

Partnerships like this help bring us one step closer to the future we want to create!