Explore the Results of Pro Mujer’s Tod@s por Ellas Breast Cancer Support Program

23 February, 2023


Since 2006, breast cancer has been the leading cause of death in Mexican women. In 2021 alone, 21,305 new breast cancer cases were diagnosed (Mexican social security system), and the disease killed 7,925 women from January to October 2022 (INEGI).

Currently, breast cancer kills 18 women per 100,000 in Mexico; however, when diagnosed early, treatment can be highly effective – with survival rates of over 90% (WHO). It is essential to eliminate the barriers that limit women’s access to breast cancer screening. 

Pro Mujer launched the Tod@s por Ellas program in 2020 to increase women’s access to early screening and detection. This comprehensive breast cancer care program focuses on six core pillars: 1) education and awareness, 2) timely detection and diagnosis, 3) counseling, 4) support, 5) referrals, and 6) income generation. 

In December 2022, the Pro Mujer team shared the results of the first two years of operations at an event with the program’s primary partners and supporters. During the event, a round table discussion was held with Ingrid Espinoza, Social Responsibility Manager, Avon; Francisco Olguin, Medical Oncologist, Pfizer; Jacqueline Beuchot, Sustainability Director, FUCAM; and Alejandra Palomero Sanchez, Counseling and Support Program Coordinator, Pro Mujer. The discussion focused on how to address the issue in Mexico.

The event was also attended by Doctor Fernando Guisa, CEO and Founder of FUCAM, who emphasized the importance of ensuring that breast cancer is positioned as an urgent priority. 

María Isabel Ruiz Muñoz, Project Manager of the Tod@s por Ellas program, shared additional details on its impact. 

The Tod@s por Ellas program has reached 35,997 women in its two years of operations. Of these, 944 enrolled in the support and counseling program, more than 6,000 received free mammograms, and 25 received timely breast cancer diagnoses. 

Additionally, in 2022, 3 field campaigns were implemented to promote early diagnosis and 56 support sessions were held for patients and their families. 

This year, Pro Mujer worked with Radio Educación to produce a radio program aimed at women with low literacy levels to promote empowerment and autonomy and the importance of self-exams and mammography screening. 

As part of its efforts to facilitate access to timely breast cancer treatment, Pro Mujer also launched its Oncology Guide, which provides valuable information on public health institutions, requirements, and recommendations that women can follow to access quality, low-cost treatment. 

In 2023, the Tod@s por Ellas program will continue and will expand into Southeast Mexico, where Pro Mujer provides training and entrepreneurship opportunities to Indigenous and rural women.