Pro Mujer in Nicaragua Brings Together More Than 1,500 Clients in Celebration of Mother’s Day

By Alejandra Narváez, Communications Specialist, Pro Mujer in Nicaragua  “Niño cuando la razón alumbre tu corazón y veas como es debido,           Recuerda con que ilusión, con que delirio y pasión esa madre te ha querido” “My child, when reason illuminates your heart and you see properly,           Remember the abandon and passion with which your mother…
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Addressing Chronic Disease in Latin America: Pro Mujer's Health Pilot Program One Year Later

By Jana Smith, Project Manager, Health and Human Development Services with contributions by Dr. Gabriela Salvador, MD, MPH, Director of Health & Human Development BLOG UPDATE (NOVEMBER 8, 2011) – To listen to Dr. Salvador talk about how Pro Mujer is addressing chronic diseases in Latin America, click here to listen to her on an podcast.…
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