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Pro Mujer takes care of Latin American women’s physical, mental, and emotional health to reach their full potential.

30% of people in Latin America lack access to health care

(Pan American Health Organization)

In more than 30 years, we have provided 10 million health and well-being services.

Nearly 54% of women work in the informal sector leaving them without any access to health care

(UN Women)

In 2021, we provided 400,000 health and well-being services.

Health challenges


Cervical Cancer

Breast Cancer

Mujer Segura
(“Safe Woman”)

Mujer Segura (“Safe Woman”)

Health & Well-being

Pro Mujer promotes awareness, prevention, orientation, containment, and counseling to support Bolivian women who suffer from gender-based violence through our free hotline and different educational resources.

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Community Health Workers

Pro mujer

Community Health Workers

Health & Well-being

The program comprises 300 volunteers committed to supporting urban, peri-urban, and rural communities in Bolivia who are trained to carry out basic preventive screenings to identify risk factors for non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and hypertension and provide counseling sessions regarding healthy lifestyles. Additionally, the nursing staff leading the Community Healthcare workers has carried out more than 6,000 counseling sessions in 2021 and aided local COVID-19 vaccination centers in La Paz and Santa Cruz.

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Tod@s por Ellas
(“All for Them”)

Pro mujer

Tod@s por Ellas | (“All for Them”)

Health & Well-being

Pro Mujer's free and comprehensive breast cancer prevention and care project in Mexico is aimed at women over 30 with limited access to health services. Its objective is to reduce barriers to prevention, diagnosis, and timely detection through awareness and sensitization and provide support for women and their families in critical moments. The project includes an educational chatbot available on several social media platforms accessible from any country in the region. We offer free diagnostic screenings (mammograms), social support, guidance for navigating health systems, and assistance to obtain resources for the treatments (crowdfunding and enterprise strengthening).
You can donate now and support the cure and recovery of Latin American women.

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Healthy Life &
Universal Benefit

Healthy Life & Universal Benefit

Health & Well-being

Affordable disease prevention programs in Nicaragua and Argentina for women to detect diseases such as chronic, infectious, and vector-borne diseases, and cervical and breast cancer on time.

Telemedicine for women
and their families

Telemedicine for women and their families

Health & Well-being

In addition to our in-person services, we provide care through telemedicine for those women and their families who reside far from Pro Mujer centers or allied clinics and consulting rooms.


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