Pro Mujer hosts the first Gender-lens Investing Forum in Latin America

As part of the Latin American Impact Investing Forum (FLII), the first GLI forum Latam will take place on February 18th in Merica, Yucatan. International speakers, investors, key agents, entrepreneurs and experts on the impact ecosystem will participate at this forum to generate a conversation that seeks to advance gender equality through impact and social investments.

New York, NY (January, 2020) Pro Mujer, a leading social enterprise and pioneer in women’s empowerment in Latin America, announces the first GLI Forum Latam to drive investment efforts with a gender lens. This event is taking place in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico on February 18th.

According to the Gender-Lens Investing Summit definition, GLI is “The use of capital to simultaneously generate financial return and advance gender equality. Integrate gender analysis into financial analysis. The three key gender lenses are: Access to Capital, Workplace Equality, Products and Services that positively affect women and girls”.

President and CEO of Pro Mujer, Maria Cavalcanti, commented, “As part of Pro Mujer’s efforts to advancing gender equality for the last 30 years, we are hosting the first GLI Forum Latam to unite forces with different key agents of the impact sector. We have recognized that investing in women creates solid returns not only financially but socially. There is no doubt that this event will play an important role in accelerating gender-lens investing to create radical changes to tackle social issues across the region. It is time to be bold, to dream and to create innovative solutions and ideas to accelerate the use of capital to solve social inequalities that low-income women and girls in Latin America continue to face.”

The goal of this forum is to bring investors, philanthropists, entrepreneurs and change-makers together to create an honest and open conversation that encourages sharing experiences, good practices, and the co-creation of innovating solutions to drive investments with a gender lens in Latin America.

Some of the keynote speakers and panelists are: María Cavalcanti, President & CEO of Pro Mujer, Suzanne Biege of Catalyst at Large, Nancy Swanson of Linked Foundation, Virgilio Barco of Acumen, Karla Gallardo of VIWALA, Susana García-Robles of BID LAB – LAVCA, Magali Lamyin of Deetken Impact, among others.

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