The Weberg Trust

A Decade’s Journey with Pro Mujer

The Weberg Trust has donated over $10 million over the course of 12 years, profoundly impacting Pro Mujer and the women we serve in Latin America.

A message from our CEO

On behalf of Pro Mujer and our beneficiaries, I would like to extend our most sincere thanks to the Weberg Trust for its long-standing commitment to our mission. In just over a decade, the Weberg Trust has contributed over $10 million to Pro Mujer in support of low-income women across Latin America. Together, we have partnered in the space of women’s economic empowerment, financial inclusion, entrepreneurship and health, experiencing an era of great promise and momentum.

In 2017 alone, Weberg’s investment allowed Pro Mujer to expand its services in Jujuy and Tucuman, two of the most economically and socially marginalized areas in Argentina. Today, Pro Mujer serves nearly 3,000 women in these two areas with a gross loan portfolio of $1.42 million.

Weberg’s generous commitment to Pro Mujer has been critical to our success, helping lift women, their families, and their communities from poverty. We look forward to the years ahead, working to reach millions more.

Pro Mujer President and CEO Maria Cavalcanti

Maria Cavalcanti
President & CEO, Pro Mujer

John Weberg (1930-2017)

A Transformative Legacy

John Weberg firmly believed in the desire and power of people to improve their own lives given a fair chance and a small loan. Throughout his life, John showed a deep commitment to the poor through financial services, helping women in developing countries access business loans and break the cycle of poverty.

Through the Weberg Trust, John and his wife Jacque have made a tremendous impact in our organization. Their generous contributions to Pro Mujer– $10 million over 12 years – enabled us to develop and expand our services to serve more than 2 million women in Latin America.

Our Impact

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The Weberg Trust has supported countless Pro Mujer initiatives, and played a vital role in advancing the economic growth and entrepreneurial culture of the low-income communities that Pro Mujer serves.


Since 1990, Pro Mujer has provided more than 8 million health interventions to our beneficiaries and their families.

Pro Mujer has become one of the leading women’s development organizations in Latin America offering financial services integrated with access to health care. Our health program focuses on preventive services in cervical cancer, diabetes, breast cancer, obesity and hypertension, leading causes of death in the region.

Our health model is at once impactful and sustainable, offering our beneficiaries health packages and fee for service options.

Financial Inclusion

Pro Mujer has gained international recognition as a well-respected microfinance institution in the countries where we work. Year after year, we have ranked in the top 100 microfinance institutions in Latin America, and we are recognized in the industry for our work in economic empowerment and financial inclusion.

Among other highlights, Pro Mujer became the first microfinance institution to offer a life insurance product to clients in the region. While in Nicaragua, we have also launched an education loan product for clients to send kids to school, and a housing product loan.


Thanks to a generous contribution of $400,000,  Weberg Trust helped Pro Mujer expand in northwestern Argentina and reach the women of Jujuy and Tucuman. In 2017, we launched four Service Centers and a much-needed regional office in this region, where poverty, unemployment and malnutrition are rampant, more so than in any other part of Argentina.

Pro Mujer has also recently expanded into Veracruz, Mexico with four new Service Centers. In Bolivia, we now operate in Cochabamba, where we can reach many more women in rural Bolivia.

Meet some of the many women whose lives have been impacted.